We specialise in conceptualising, designing and delivering large scale projects that require people to work differently, or adopt comprehensive changes that are essential to the execution of an organisation’s strategic aims. 
We have carefully created and actively developed an expert Associate network of exceptionally skilled people to help us deliver a wide range of services.

Our core values

Make it about individuals – we are different because we focus upon the needs of individuals. In our experience, standard approaches that are applied to everyone drive limited results.
Help people to find their way – we show people how to find the answers for themselves. If we tell someone the answer, it probably won’t stick and was therefore not the right answer at all.
Care for our business  – we care about our business. It relies upon our team to function well and make good decisions; it is our most compelling advert for what we do.
Ineo life was formed in 2012 and is owned by just five shareholders, each of whom are Directors in the day-to-day activities of the company.