We are better performance and growth for your organisation

Most businesses and organisations are built on stable team structures that meet their medium to long-term needs. 

However, a prolonged focus on becoming leaner and more efficient, often prevents them from pulling together high quality teams quickly to support short-term projects.

This is where Ineo can help

We can quickly build a team to support your project whether short, medium or long-term. Our team includes carefully chosen individuals from our wide network of professional associates. They are skilled and experienced in a diverse range of business disciplines, and work collectively to bring powerful leadership and impact to your projects.

The breadth of our network gives us the capability and experience to design, lead and deliver projects for you, requiring multiple disciplines and specialisms. These can include workplace transformations, turnarounds, new service line launches, business improvement programmes and contract mobilisations.

Retaining these highly specialised skills in human performance enables us to get the very best out of people. It’s nothing more complicated than that.

Most complex projects don’t run smoothly for a variety of reasons – flawed assumptions, unforeseen variables and dependency delays. When this appens, there’s usually a drive to get things back under control quickly. This is no bad thing, but the way it’s done can often be damaging to individuals, teams, organisations, reputations and financial returns.

People perform at their best when they feel valued, respected and sychologically safe. This is why we always give priority to people within process.

We help teams to reflect and function in mature, open and effective ways, helping to keep business priorities in focus and resolving inevitable challenges.

The advantages of this open and collaborative approach are:

•  Greater clarity on objectives and priorities
•  Clear and effective frameworks of accountability and feedback
•  Whole team knowledge

As well as a wide range of leadership and management skill, we also bring:

  • People engagement
  • Conflict and relationship management
  • Diagnostic reviews and business improvement
  • Vision and launch
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Problem solving
  • Bespoke mechanisms for individual accountability and feedback
  • Management information, dashboards and reporting