Our approach supports organisations to put people at the heart of their strategic planning. We do this by placing the right people for the right project. Acting as a conduit enabling customers to access leading market experts, facilitators and mentors our associate model ensures that each and every time the client’s project needs are met. We work with individuals, teams and organisations with a Project Director from the Ineo board heading up each project.

Brilliant basics

Through our Brilliant Basics approach to transformation we are able to work with teams and organisations to improve engagement, productivity and performance.  The way we work with clients is through a step by step approach to driving optimal performance in teams. We start at the very foundation which sits within the environment of the organisation.  Our teams work at an individual and team level carrying out a range of assessments based on need, that looks at the ‘current state of play’ in terms of optimum performance.  This helps teams and individuals understand what they need to do to optimist their own performance. This is done in a selection of ways;

True fulfilment in the workplace – the real utopia of any employee within an organisation. Creating leaders, analytical thinkers and enablers who are truly mobile driving organisational performance.  What do we mean by Optimal performance – year on year business growth, an ability to react quickly to market changes and demands and a positive impact on the community both internally and externally to the organisation

Where real change happens. Once your teams are able to connect with each other and the organisation at the level of their identity. Who they are, why they are here and how they add value – transformation and change to meet market demands becomes much easier.

This can all be underpinned by the most recent models in human behaviour profiling. Once individuals and teams as a collective understand their own values and beliefs they can more easily align with an organisations values (or not) which allows for valuable churn of staff at the right level.

This is the more traditional approach to Learning and Development – but with a difference. You will now know what the specific needs of your organisation are – not what you think they need to be.  Coaching and mentoring being a huge area of growth and a key part of our model to enable this enhancement of basic human skills.

Any time an organisation wants to make a change, it is the right behaviours and culture within that organisation that will make this happen. It is here that the right workplace campaigns can make a difference. Where behaviours are not in line with enabling performance this can be focused through expanding these human skills that are essential in the workplace

As the foundation for organisational stability we know that technology plays an integral part in modern working practices. In addition to this there is the HR processes, workplace environment, communication, leadership and health and safety, as well as operational management. We start here to understand the stability of an organisation in terms of being able to reach their optimal performance.