Management consulting

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most pressing issues and known (and often reveal unknown) opportunities. We can help you identify and solve the challenges you face in these times of unprecedented speed of change and disruption. We help organisations to dial down the noise and bring renewed focus on what is still any successful organisation’s premier asset, it’s people.

  • A hand-picked experienced consulting team drawn from a wide spectrum of industry sectors
  • Social mobility
  • Cultural shift
  • Cutting edge data driven, evidence based health and wellbeing programmes
  • Focused progress monitoring and management reporting

Individual and team assessments

Our teams work at an individual and team level carrying out a range of assessments based on need, that looks at the ‘current state of play’ in terms of optimum performance.

This helps teams and individuals understand what they need to do to optimist their own performance. This is done in a selection of ways;

Workplace campaign 

If an individual does not understand how their own identity and purpose links with the organisational purpose, then quite often engagement will dip.  Our workplace campaigns look to face into ‘The Challenge of Alignment’ which often sees organisations struggling to bring ‘The Individual’ and ‘The Organisation’ together.  Following on from our Workplace Diagnostic, a bespoke and targeted approach to bridging this gap between the two is created for organisations through a workplace campaign.

  • Data collection both qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Office and team observations
  • Boardroom observations
  • One-to-one interviews
  • A new approach to engagement surveys
  • Creating Compelling Stories around the organisation's vision
  • Engaging individuals with the business strategy
  • Design and development of internal communications strategies
  • Measurement and analysis of internal communication impact
  • Developing managers &  leaders communication style and authenticity
  • Bespoke Learning and development plans
  • Bespoke change programmes


Our experienced team of facilitators help engagement and can deliver a range of courses and in-house support directly to teams and individuals.   We believe that there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to facilitation, so we assess an organisation’s culture, needs and team dynamics through our workplace diagnostic to enable us to place the best facilitators to meet the unique needs of that organisation and project. 

  • Delivery of face to face courses
  • Delivery of bespoke workshops
  • Team diagnostics
  • Consultancy
  • Webinars
  • Video communications


Everything we do is underpinned by robust and great technology platforms.  We can support with varying technology needs to support the roll-out of any new project in a security first way.

  • Website and app design and development
  • Private, closed-circuit organisation communications platform
  • GDPR compliant data control and data security
  • Cloud computing, data storage and workflows
  • Bespoke data management and management information system
  • Advanced authoring platform
  • Advanced Learning Management System
  • Video conferencing, recording & production