Our difference is that we apply technology for purpose.

Technology plays a major role in our ability to communicate and interact with people.

We design and implement specialist tools that provide greater insight for our customers and help us do our job better. We use technology to enable high quality blended learning and strike the balance of affordability with learning quality and impact.

We can:

• Have highly effective mechanisms operational in days or even hours
• Track information very quickly and provide open access to customers
• Provide detailed and objective project report data
• Create an evidence base to support key governance activities such as statutory control,risk and commercial management, assurance and audit

Smarter, faster interaction for everyone

Technology allows us to deliver a richer service to you, and our mechanisms enable progressive evaluation of our impact at individual and organisational levels. We rarely seek to build technology solutions from scratch.

Instead, we leverage existing technology services and platforms to create bespoke systems – just as the tech giants intended their products to be used. This allows us to create powerful tools without the pain of starting with a blank canvas, and this accelerates the rate at which technology impacts our work on every project.

An example of our practical use of technology 

Governor Insight

A tool for effective school governance.

The educational impact of the pandemic is clear. With children having missed out on months of valuable primary education, there is a pressing need for Teachers and Governors to work at their best, and find new and improved ways to identify areas of concern, so that decisive action can be taken quickly.

Saving Headteachers an estimated 12 days per annum, Governor Insight is a highly effective, accessible and user-friendly tool. It leaves any Full Governing Body the knowledge and confidence that it has greater insight, influence and control over its responsibilities – to the school, the community and most importantly, the children.

Governor Insight is a technology dashboard developed to assist school Governors who are striving to improve pupil outcomes.

As one of the largest volunteering groups, Governors play a vital role in raising standards; essential to every school’s effectiveness. Key to the success of Governing Bodies is the supply of essential and easy-to-interpret data, necessary to inform governance decisions and drive better management.

But strong data analysis is a specialist area. It takes considerable time, effort and skill for schools to collate useful data-sets for meaningful interpretation and practical governance application.  Even for the most experienced governors and leadership teams, data must inform decision-making, both for the sake of the impact and the outcome.

Governor Insight provides a clear and true sense of pupil performance over time. It helps dispel situational bias, bringing objectivity and informed decisions.

Governor Insight offers:

Efficient & consistent data export, input and publication

  • Essential data can be generated in seconds and at the touch of a button, removing the pain of data exports from pre-existing systems.
  • Clear, simple and interpretable presentation can be achieved instantly eliminating copious reports containing a myriad of tables, graphs and charts.
  • Gives hours back to school leaders by reducing the workload burden of headteachers as well as the time and cost of school administration.
  • Ensures data accuracy and efficiency by avoiding erroneous, manual data entry.
  • Makes the task of data interpretation easier for Governors. In turn, improving  their contribution, both as individuals and as a collective, by reducing the administrative and interpretive burden for such volunteers, who often have busy day-jobs.

Improved data utility and effective functionality

  • Visibility at a glance for term-by-term performance by school or cohort.
  • Track performance trends and performance ranking by cohort over time.
  • Flag areas of ‘most concern’ for targeted Governor monitoring activity.
  • Offer easy data access to Governors for their interrogation, consideration and enquiry of source information, at their leisure.
  • Establish a clear link between the school’s data, its monitoring activity and both development of, and adherence to the School’s SEF and SIP
  • Gives greater objectivity through the function of Governance, allowing the school’s data to fully inform decision making


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