GROW is a development programme for 18-24 year olds focussing on:




GROW is a development programme for 18-24 year olds focussing on:




Are YOU responsible for:

Employee Wellbeing?

Employee Engagement?

Graduate Schemes?

Talent Programmes?


Succession Planning?


Growing a Young Team?

Workforce Development?

If you are, then you will have recognised something really important, that our young people are prime and receptive for emotional coaching, wellbeing support, personal growth and soft skills development. 

The Growing issue

We sensed that all was not OK before the pandemic -the young people we know and love just weren’t thriving.

Life seemed to be holding them back, particularly when it came to work. Confidence, self worth, relationships, social interactions, you name it.  Then it got bigger - much bigger. 

The pandemic hit and reports from organisations like UNICEF and the CIPD confirmed, at scale, what most of us already feared.

“Young people are standing on the edge of a precipice: the compounding threats of deepening inequalities, lack of opportunities, and COVID-19 disruptions will have lifelong consequences for youth globally”.

“Good-quality line management, being able to build relationships and networks across the organisation, as well as access to effective training are critical to ensuring that they feel their career aspirations are being met.”

“During the pandemic and with working from home, lack of social connection was seen as difficult for this age group, so practitioners need to think how to tackle this in the future world of work.”

GROW a better way

As a personal development space, we’ve designed GROW specifically for young earners and learners based on 1,000+ personal learning journeys, 20,000 mentoring hours, 1,200 collective years of developing people at all levels and months of research.

1,200years of collective experience

45,000hours of L&D experience

1,500hours of theraputic support

20,000hours of Mentoring & Coaching

2,000e-learning places

200live virtual courses delivered

The GROW Pathways

GROW is a better way of bringing lasting development and impact to young people in your business.

Using 3 pathways, GROW creates the right environment for Personal growth by exploring positive aspiration for what comes next in life and how to get it.

Building RELATIONSHIP  intelligence by giving young people the skills necessary for building relationships that really count.

Bringing OPPORTUNITIES  to life by making the most of those golden chances through personal impact, listening, messaging and social situations.

Bringing INDEPENDENCE through reputation management and effective use of social media with top tips, ideas and suggestions for entrepreneurship and positive choices.

Can your organisation afford not to GROW?

Early careers professionals acknowledge the inadequate support given to young people as they transition from learning to earning.

Support for effective and happy navigation and migration into the world of work is essential for young potential talent if businesses are to address the challenges presented by the current talent crisis and future economic growth.

This goes well beyond technical and professional qualifications as soft skills are vital in helping people develop personal and corporate readiness for what comes next - essential for responding optimally during times of economic uncertainty and change.

GROW differentiates your business by differentiating your future talent. 

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