Coaching and mentoring are increasingly being used as cost-effective tools to help drive individual and team performance. Targeted support of this nature is often what makes the real difference, and our team of coaches and mentors work with hundreds of individuals every month in a supportive yet challenging way. There are numerous benefits to coaching and mentoring, yet perhaps the greatest benefit is the opportunity to work with someone who can challenge thinking without an agenda, and in doing so, expand another’s breadth of thinking.

Coaching and Mentoring Programme Design

A carefully designed coaching and mentoring framework helps organisations and individuals extract maximum value from the process. Without it, engagements can be nothing more than interesting conversations, but when structured properly, the tangible improvements can be significant.

  • Development of clear programme objectives
  • Supportive tools to help keep track and maintain discipline
  • Established frameworks to target the effort and maintain boundaries 

Internal Mentor Training

Whilst independent external coaching and mentoring can make for a powerful experience, it is important to not overlook the pool of talent that exists in every organisation. With some bespoke training guidance, these individuals can become the organisation’s internal coaches and mentors and offer an incredible level of support to colleagues, and value to organisations and the customers.

Executive Coaching

Our team of experienced executive coaches take your leaders to the next level of their self awareness and growth. 

We offer a broad package of executive coaching options, tailored to your specific requirements, with executive coaching programmes designed to be the most effective and rewarding for individuals and your organisation.


We see mentoring as a crucial skill set for the modern manager and leader, it speaks to soft skills development which is crucial in the modern workplace. We have a team of over 70 mentors who are able to support organisations, and we also specialise in launching internal mentoring programmes, including the provision of essential training. We are able to deliver the following;

  • Mentor team provision
  • Mentor programme design
  • On-line and face to face mentor training
  • Evaluation and measurement  

Executive coaching provided

Mentoring provided