steve300x300I was at a point in my life where I felt I was stagnating with no real direction.

In spite of so many things to be positive about, I no longer knew what I was aiming for yet couldn’t see the wood for the trees, which is ironic because as a Personal Trainer it’s normally me helping others to find their motivation.

I had a very stable upbringing as a child. When I was just 3, I suffered horrific burns when I pulled a kettle of boiling water off the stove – it’s an extremely vivid experience the scars of which I still have today. School life was challenging for me; having an unusual surname and extensive scarring, I was frequently bullied and it made my experience at senior school really unenjoyable – at one stage I even hit one of the teachers which in hindsight is so revealing of the emotional pressure that I was under. I was married at the age of 26 and had 2 children, but got divorced when I was 40. I met my soul mate Viv at the dance studio where I took my two daughters and after 15 great years together we are to marry in 2015. A big part of my life right now is to try and reconcile an estranged relationship with my daughters.

I got an enormous amount from the Life Programme. It was refreshing to discover that everyone has their own issues, and that we don’t have to follow what we believe to be our script – we have a choice. I connected with all the coaches, particularly Louise who really helped me to rediscover who I am – loving, adventurous, brave and genuine.

There are many things that are different for me now. I have some very clear plans for my business and a patient commitment to reconcile with my daughters. My family is so important to me and to be able to have greater contentment in my life only enriches my relationship with them. Since being on the Life Programme I have had to contend with two significant and traumatic issues in my life, which without doubt I have been in a much better place to deal with. I feel really excited about my future. Getting married again will be great and I have some professional development opportunities to look forward to as well. I’m glad I went on the Life Programme.

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