Steve Smith


Steve Smith

steve300x300Over the past 20 years or so, I have been lucky enough to know some really inspirational people.

None of them are household names, but every one of them has in some way or another given me something valuable. It might be just the way they are and their individual qualities, or perhaps an intelligent perspective on something, or maybe even just them being prepared to believe and invest their time and trust in me.

My knowing them has made my life better in many ways and it thrills me to think that I can do the same for others, either myself directly or through the talents of the coaches we have at INEO Life.

My wife Louise and our two daughters, Evie and Florence mean everything to me. Being part of INEO constantly reminds me of how important it is to enjoy emotional balance, physical wellbeing and expression of love. I see these as the most important pillars of any family.

Aside from coaching, I bring business skill to INEO. I want to see more and more people benefit from the great talents of our coaches, and in order to do that we must operate in a business like fashion with ethics, a strategy, a plan, a commitment to our customers and a uniquely sellable product.  It isn’t complicated, but it does require real focus.

Its important to me that our customers get a great experience when committing to one of our programmes. I want their enquiry and registration to run smoothly, I want their accommodation and food to be excellent,  I want their coaching experience to be transformational, yet above all, I want for our customers to feel that they are deeply cared for and supported. For these reasons I make sure that I’m part of the delivery team so I can gauge first hand how our customers are feeling.

For me, the people you meet and spend time with in life will either make you or break you. Ineo Life is a testament to all of those people who have been inspirational in my life.

A quotation that resonates with me:

“The law of floatation was not discovered by the contemplation of the sinking of things” Thomas Troward