ineo life programme delegateI’m just a human being with a soul but prior to the Life Programme I was frustrated and hurt – in all honesty I was in a state of flux. I genuinely believed that life was a meritocracy and was forever trying to prove myself to others.

My dad was a herdsman and my mum a housewife and spent my early years moving from farm to farm. One of the major things to happen to me when I was young was the accidental death of my best friend. It was extremely traumatic and remains with me to this day. I recall feeling a lot of guilt and sadness around the tragedy – we had a falling out just prior to his passing and although we made up, I understood from that moment, that life is too precious and creating turmoil was the wrong path to walk.

My childhood wasn’t straightforward – I was bullied a fair bit and we moved around but these are first world problems. Relationships have played a big part in my life too. Family relationships have been strained and personal ones have left their scars. Eventually I found myself unemployed and although I’ve embarked upon a number of courses to retrain, getting work had been a challenge and cash soon runs out when doors are consistently slammed in your face. It wasn’t long before I found myself lacking direction and motivation, feeling emotionally drained and lost with no real plan for moving forward.

I think the Life Programme helped me get back some of things that I’d lost touch with. I was able to re-kindle my self-belief. I found meditation and teaching on how to breathe to be transformational and it was quite a relief to be able to de-stress and de-clutter my life. Relationships with other people on the course were also really inspiring. One of the therapeutic interventions really helped settle the dust on some of the emotional hurt I’d been experiencing.

Following the Life Programme I’ve made some big changes to my life. I no longer mix with people who create negativity and drama, I’m focused, liberated and motivated. I was able to secure full time employment in the financial sector (which is a passion of mine) and attained an MSc in Monetary Science, beginning my Phd in 2015. I feel at one with myself within this reality – a human being with a gentle soul.

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