Mick.300x300My true passion is helping people achieve their potential in any area of life that is challenging for them.

The people who seek my help are generally at a crossroads and are in some way struggling emotionally with certain parts of their life or want to achieve more but cannot work out what is holding them back. Common themes are life, relationships, work, business, sport, mental health and dependency issues.

I have an inspiring energy, and have developed a unique approach, which is designed to get to the heart of any problem without having to delve into the content of past experiences. It has been in development for more than 10 years, and is used in many arenas of performance including, personal accomplishment, relationships, well-being, health and elite sport. The work itself is carried out in a private and supportive setting, and on a one to one basis with an educational component that involves some group work. It embraces the idea that for someone to change they have to feel safe, get creative and be prepared to own their own transformation.

It has achieved some outstanding and transformational results with highly complex groups of people, and is currently being proposed as a solution for behavioural change in the offender rehabilitation space.

Those who experience this approach can expect to feel more positive about themselves and towards their life in general. They experience change quickly and this translates to longer lasting change that allows more choice in their responses to what would have previously been stressful. A greater sense of well-being and focus are achieved which generally means that a brighter future is realised with less effort.