Meet the team


We are the people that you will work with on our programmes, and we are each part of INEO Life because we are exceptional at what we do. We are a passionate team, so passionate in fact, that we often squabble amongst ourselves about the nitty gritty of what it means to work in this environment, and what will best serve the people we help. This is a good thing – it means that we care enough to challenge each other which gives a far richer experience for those that join one of our programmes.

Everyone who joins one of our programmes will make a unique connection with one or more of us. It will be a matching of minds or an appreciation of spirit and it will play a key part in your overall experience. Each of us have extensive stories and careers of our own, but as you read our short biographies you will see that there is very little reference to our past, and instead the narrative is about why we are in this game, what we bring to the party today and an insight into who you might connect with most. Click on our images to get a little closer to us.