Martin Fricker


Martin Fricker

Martin.300x300I have dedicated a significant part of my life to sharing principles that enable peole to live fulfilling and successful lives. I want them to increase their reach and capacity and become the biggest and best possible version of themselves.

I know and believe that we all have untapped potential within us, and that this deserves to be shared with the world. My passion and inspiration come across in the way I work; for those people who want to change, I make it my personal responsibility to work with them to find a new path where they feel both supported and grounded.

Growing up in Bristol was, lets just say interesting, most definitely tough, and often truly brilliant. This rich life experience combined with many years of working in a peak performance coaching arena is what I bring to the table when I work with clients, colleagues and my two sons, both of whom have emerging professional sports careers.

I am a genuine and caring emissary for todays challenging world of business and life. I am enthused by an opportunity to get you reconnecting with your health, your talent, your heart and your spirit. This work is exciting and dynamic and a great match for my passion. I am an incredibly proud person and deeply humbled and inspired by the people I meet.

On our Life Programmes, I am also know for being the juicing and salsa dancing guru!