kitty300x300I was totally aware that I was prioritising work over my partner, my friends and my family…

Having recovered from severe depression I continued to pursue perfection and suffered with terrible anxiety. I was forever feeling that neither me or my life was good enough, yet I joined the Life Programme because I wanted to gain ideas for my own business and also identify areas for self development.

I grew up in a small and loving family in Newcastle. Being gluten intolerant and having celiac disease meant that my health has  suffered.  There was plenty of sibling rivalry between my sister and I, and despite being a high achiever at school, I struggled with social relationships and was very badly bullied through my teens; this led on to depression which I suffered through my years at university where I gained a Masters in Psychology.

I’m almost certain that my depression played a big part in my relationships, where I would tend to bully and manipulate my partners. Thankfully, I’m in a very different relationship now that doesn’t have those characteristics.

I got so much from the Life Programme. I felt so relaxed for the whole week, which felt like a holiday from my anxiety, and this made me realise that I was capable of not being anxious. With the aid of therapeutic intervention I was able to  ditch a whole load of baggage around guilt and anger that I was carrying around with me every single day.

Since completing the Life Programme and I have completely shifted my priorities. Where previously my focus was almost wholly work, I now invest so much more in my relationship. I have a clear idea and view of what is truly important to me, and am so much calmer. Ironically, it has also improved my work as well. My partner and I have put plans in place to travel and I know that discovering my ability to enjoy being in the moment more will make a huge difference and allow me to get so much more from my life, my relationship and my work.

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