Janet Smith


Janet Smith

Janet SmithI am passionate about the importance of our emotional wellbeing.  I feel privileged and humbled to work with clients who are often sharing with me their inner-most thoughts, feelings, aspirations and life stories.

Everything that we have ever experienced has brought us to this moment.  I believe that our emotional wellbeing is a fundamental building block to who we are and how we connect with ourselves, those we love and the wider world.

If we ignore our emotional journey, the implications of decreased emotional wellbeing can manifest in physical, mental and emotional distress, stopping us achieving the life we were born to live.

When I found my life at a cross roads, I took the road less travelled and embarked on a personal journey of discovery and founded my own business to help others.  I cannot sit down and work with anyone helping them to make positive change in their life, if I have not had the courage and conviction to do so myself.  Working with the phenomenal coaches on the Ineo programme enhances my skills and being part of the programme inspires me to go beyond my own limitations.  Someone once asked me if I believed people could change….. I see it every day!

This quote inspires my work.

“Don’t die with your music still in you” Dr Wayne Dyer