Chris Butler


Chris Butler

chris.300x300One of my biggest and most enjoyable challenges is understanding the lovely people in my family – 0ur sons and daughters and now our grandchildren too, who have such a great opportunity in life.

I can’t help asking them – “where do you really want to be in ten years?” “What’s stopping you?” What steps can you take right now?”

Managing change in life is without doubt the most difficult step you can ever ask yourself to make. As small as that first step is, it becomes so profound, so significant and very dynamic. It sets you on the road to understanding the path of realising one’s potential.

I have been very fortunate to help coach performance skills to people in sport, the outdoors, in business management, in leadership and in life. It has led me to believe that with the right attitude in place, anything is possible from anyone. Getting that attitude right is the challenge that inspires me to help others.

Working with and being part of the INEO Life team is an inspiration in itself. I would urge anyone to take the opportunity to join our programmes; the chance to work with such talented and inspirational coaches who I believe, are some of the very best in the UK today. When you do take that step, allow yourself to become immersed in ‘INEO Life’, embrace the learning and take this unique opportunity to search within, really find yourself – let go and fly!

My favorite motivational recovery quote from my good friend Dan Majid after his life changing injury in Afghanistan

Life goes on and dreams come true”