Ceri Williams


Ceri Williams

ceri.300x300Bringing energy and drive from my own life experiences plays a significant part in what I do.

I have a real passion for helping people, and I work in many different arenas where the need for help is acute. I find it deeply rewarding to spend time with people and little by little work through the debilitating challenges and perspectives that can dominate lives.

The challenge for any performance coach is to practice what they preach, and in my opinion you have to be able to demonstrate commitment in your own life before urging others to do the same. With that in mind, I’m wholly committed to achieving excellence in my own life, and because I too am human, I often feel challenged by that which becomes a huge source of motivation and inspiration for me.

As an experienced performance coach, I utilise my own life experiences in conjunction with intuitive and unobtrusive techniques to help people achieve and get more from life. The role of a performance coach is a privileged one, and quite often I come across people who have lost their bearings and their grip on some of life’s realities, so its important to have a grounded, adaptable and flexible approach in order to offer the level of agility that is required to help people beat a new path and access better choices about the way they live their life, and respond to the world around them.

I am fascinated with the the world of human behaviour and performance, and so much of what I do is centered on self-belief, confidence, control, and anchoring positive states whilst eliminating destructive and negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I see every new client as a challenge and an opportunity for me to learn more, so it doesn’t matter if their issues are relationships, phobias, injury, stress, addictions or conflict of any kind, I’m thankful for the opportunity, and enthusiastic to help them get to a better place.

 “Cogito Ergo Sum” – “I Think Therefore I Am” – René Descartes