We have a proven track record in helping people be the best they can be.

Reboot is a learning and mentoring programme delivered by Ineo nationally for the Members of the eaga Trust, since 2017.

Following onboarding, induction and the creation of a bespoke learning plan, participants can access up to 40 different courses, and receive one-to-one support from a dedicated mentor.

At times when participants are faced with exceptional life challenges, Reboot also provides specialist mental health support.

Our virtual and online systems enable the Reboot community to come together, meet with their mentors and share their successes.

The benefits of our approach

Learning Needs Analysis

Learning and development can be a major commitment for organisations, and it is important that the scope of the investment is properly ascertained and balances the needs of the organisation with the aspirations of its people. We have expertise in using a creative approach to meet this challenge, and allows many elements of learning and development to be achieved through more cost effective approaches.

  • Fully developed learning needs analysis and learning plans
  • Plans linked to quantifiable returns on investment
  • Engagement with people to drive ownership around their own learning needs
  • Low cost initiatives that enable comprehensive learning and development

Course Design (face-to-face and e-learning)

We have extensive experience in the design and development of courses across a wide range of subjects. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of our clients and learners, and can be delivered in face-to-face settings and through on-line platforms. We have a suite of off the shelf courses that can be swiftly adapted and tailored to suit specific organisational needs and objectives.

  • Detailed course design and production of all associated materials
  • On-line authoring and secure hosting of learning content
  • Pre and post course evaluation

Course Delivery

We deliver courses throughout the UK. Our experienced facilitators are expert in delivering courses with impact, and challenge individuals to take on board new and expanded thinking. We can enhance this further through coaching and mentoring to ensure that learning is brought into day-to-day application.

  • Pre and post course engagement
  • Course enrollment and onboarding
  • Experienced and expert facilitation
  • E-learning platform access.

LMS and Learning Progress Reporting

We operate a market leading Learning Management System that serves as a bespoke portal for individual learning needs. The systems allows for individual profiles, course enrollment, course booking, progress tracking and reporting of all learning related activity.

A sample of our e-learning production.

The support to participants is designed to help push individual boundaries, build confidence, learn new skills and achieve enhanced professional development.

This has led to many people making significant changes to their lives, both professionally and personally, including:

• Finding new and more fulfilling job roles
• Starting new businesses
• Becoming more active within communities
• Confronting long standing challenges in areas associated with health, wellbeing and relationships

During the pandemic, participants were able to progress their learning plans through a fully
on-line and virtual solution that offered many additional benefits:

Greater geographical reach

Enabling the participation of Members who live outside of the main membership locations such as
Newcastle, Birmingham and Manchester.

Greater participation

Enabling more participants to join courses because the method of participation was simplified and
the commitment of time was reduced. This made it much easier to fit learning around other lifestyle
factors such as work, family and the home.

Greater value for money

By moving to a fully on-line and virtual solution and removing the need for travel and accommodation, the cost of delivery was reduced by 46%.

Improved sustainability

By removing the need for travel from both the Members and the Reboot team, carbon production fell from c.50 tonnes per year to almost zero.


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