Anna Thompson


Anna Thompson

Janet SmithI believe that challenge is as much a part of life as breathing, and when it comes to dealing with challenges, I am fascinated by the impact of our thoughts and focus.

Through my own experiences, I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about this and it fuels my passion to support others as they work towards their goals and manage their obstacles.

Continual development is important to me and through my own journey I have learnt the significance of honesty and speaking from the heart. Everyone is different and I believe that by building on my skill, I will be in a better position to coach others.

As a coach I feel it is vital to stay balanced and energised. My husband and I have created our life together by the sea, and for us the outdoors is somewhere that we get great and enjoyment from, and I find it to be a tremendous source of inspiration when coaching people.

Quotes that I like:

“Our interpretation of reality changes our experience of that reality” Shawn Achor

Living is too important to spend time matching your socks” Me