About Ineo

We created INEO Life because we have a straightforward passion to help people reconnect with how important they are, and to show them how they can get more out of their life. It really is no more complicated than that.

Our Performance Coaching team are experts at helping people become more resourceful and our coaching modules provide the springboard for people to adopt new approaches to life. We focus on three areas, each fundamentally linked with the other.

– Who I am and the role that I am playing – for me and for others.

Health awareness
– Being kind to my body and my mind

Emotional awareness
– Understanding and finding new balance in my behaviours

INEO Life is the creation of Steven Smith and Nicola Finlayson and it was our vision to create a Performance Coaching company that could reach out to people from all walks of life and use exceptional coaches to show them how to access their hidden resources. INEO Life has been so successful, and we confidently celebrate what we do for people:

  • Getting answers to long term difficulties
  • Making decisions and setting new goals
  • Finding confidence to get involved and try new things
  • Finding new levels of happiness and contentment
  • Performing well at interviews and auditions
  • To stand out from among the crowd for all the right reasons
  • Being purposeful and to lead ones own life
  • Find courage to avoid people and situations that are life limiting
  • Kick starting new commitments to healthier lifestyles