Ady Cole

Ady Cole Ineo Life CoachWhat I aim to do is help people realise their potential and then achieve it which might be in any area of their life.

I am happy to use everything to my advantage in order to do that, and of course it starts with me and my level of balance, and there was a time when that was not as clear as it is now.

I have been very fortunate to have been helped, coached and taught by some exceptionally inspiring people and situations in the past and this continues today. The more I experience and learn from those I live and work with, the more I realise that coaching is less of a job and more an attitude and a way of thinking and interacting.

My desire to increase my awareness of what helps and what doesn’t help is what drives my behaviour and helping people get to, or get back to a place where they are happy and confident enough to be themselves is, for me, just the first step. Sometimes coaching involves helping to put things in place to help and sometimes it involves removing things that have been holding us back; often it is both and the great thing is there is always a way forward whoever we are. When there is a chance to work with people on that way forward, that is where I really like to put some energy.